Indigenous Students

Committed to Indigenous learners success

BC Post-Secondary institutions strive to support Indigenous students

Pursue and participate in Indigenous culture, community, and ways of knowing on your educational journey.

Explore your campus' services and programs and access services, like those listed below. Participate in those that resonate with you and build up your community.

  • On-campus Indigenous community space: e.g. Friendship House, First Nations House of Learning, Gathering Place, Longhouse, or Indigenous Student Centre
  • Indigenous student orientation programs
  • Indigenous advising services. Get help with educational, financial, and career planning, and find out other campus student support programs
  • Indigenous financial aid advisors. Get help locating scholarships and bursaries
  • Indigenous counselling services. Get help with non-academic questions or challenges
  • First Nations student associations
  • Social and cultural events
  • Indigenous adult learner transitioning into post-secondary programs
  • Elder programs, where elders will visit with you on campus and provide advice, listen, share, and help celebrate your success
  • Leadership development programs
  • Indigenous research opportunities
  • Community outreach programs
  • Child and family care services
  • Specialized programming e.g., Indigenous credential options within degree or diploma programs

Find funding opportunities that fit your specific situation. A good place to start is talking with members of your community, your local band office, or with the Indigenous Financial Aid Advisor at the institution you wish to attend. Take time to research and coordinate your funding options, it will make your time as a student less stressful.

Achieving Indigenous Student Success