How many programs can I apply for using EducationPlannerBC?

You can submit as many applications to institutions on EducationPlannerBC as you would like.
Some (but not all) institutions will allow you to apply for two programs using the same application. Other institutions require you submit a second application if applying for multiple programs at the same campus.
If you have specific questions about programs, including the application or admissions process, please refer to the website of the institution to which you are applying. To find this information, search the name of your institution in the Program Search database.
Fees are charged for each application and paid directly to the school.
Please note: EducationPlannerBC is a planning and application-for-admissions service only. You cannot use EPBC to register for specific courses within a program. After your application has been accepted, you will be instructed by the institution on how to register for specific courses.