File Upload

Please note the following when uploading documents on an EducationPlannerBC application form.

  1. File uploads are presently limited to 5MB per file.  
  2. Accepted file types are: PDF, TIFF, JPG and PNG.
  3. Please also ensure that the filename includes only characters from a standard English keyboard/character set.
  4. There should be no extra periods in the filename, only before the file extension (for example, my.resume.2020.pdf will not work, but myresume2020.pdf).

If the file you are trying to upload fulfils these requirements but will not upload, please write us at or through our online contact form

Please indicate:

  • what college/university you are trying to apply to
  • what program you are applying to
  • the size of the file (in MB)
  • the file type(s)
  • file name(s)
  • include the files if possible

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