Known Error Messages on account pages

The following errors may occur depending on your web browser, data, or other factors:

INSTITUTION OFFLINE: This is usually due to the institution not currently accepting applications. For more detail click here and review the institution's website for application open dates or deadlines.  
This can also occur for a short period of time (usually over a weekend) while an institution does major system updates.  Contact the institution's Admissions department directly for clarification of open dates or deadlines for your program of choice.

PASSWORD RECOVERY PAGE:  If you're receiving an error message when trying to submit your email on the "Forgot Password" tool at

  1. Refresh the page, preferably with a 'hard reload' (in Chrome or Firefox on Windows, Ctrl + Shift + R; in Chrome or Firefox on Mac, Command + Shift + R) then try again.
  2. Try the Password Recovery request on a desktop/laptop computer (not mobile device).

ACCOUNT SIGNIN OR ACCOUNT CREATION:  The following known issues occur most commonly with out-of-date web browsers.  Please update your web browser and try again.  Some users may also need to update their operating systems. Newer versions have improved technologies as well as security measures.

  • "Unexpected end of JSON"
  • "Unexpected end of data"
  • "String did not match the expected pattern"

  1. Refresh the page, preferably with a 'hard reload' (in Chrome or Firefox on Windows, Ctrl + Shift + R; in Chrome or Firefox on Mac, Command + Shift + R) then try again.
  2. Or, try again on a laptop/desktop computer (instead of mobile device) if you can, or try again in an alternate web browser (preferably an up to date version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari for Mac, or Edge).
  3. If these do not resolve the issue, please reply with the data you are trying to enter (region, school name, start date, end date, level completed at that school, program, student number (if known), and whether you graduated from there) so we can ensure it is entered for you so you may continue.

If you're receiving an error message such as an "Invalid" error when clicking on the link in the Confirm Account and Password Reset emails, here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Have you already used the link from this email? These links are one-time use only. You may need to request a new Confirm Account or Password Reset email.
  • Password reset email links are only valid for 24 hours from the time sent. You may need to request a new Password Reset email.

INVALID SERVER ERROR on attempt to submit:
If you receive an 'invalid server error' this is usually due to invalid data in your Profile or Application responses - please review your entries if you can, or report to us (at or with what page you're receiving the error on (or, what steps you were taking when you received the error).


If you are unable to resolve the issue, please report the issue to us at or, and include information on:

  • What information you are trying to enter / what steps you were trying to take when you received the unexpected response
  • What device you are using (mobile or desktop device; what operating system?)
  • What browser(s) you've tried (which were successful and which were not)
  • The time of your most recent Confirm Account or Password Email which you are using the link from, if applicable
  • The email address used for your EducationPlannerBC account, and birthdate for verification if we need to manually reset your password.

Thank you for your patience!

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