Emails from EducationPlannerBC

 If you are not receiving expected emails from EducationPlannerBC:

VERIFY EMAIL: Verify that your account email is correct: Please log in to your EducationPlannerBC account if you can; select "Update Email" from the menu at top-right, and follow directions on that page to change and save the corrected email address.  Any previous messages are not re-sent at this time.

Verify that your account email has sufficient storage space to receive our replies. If your account does not have sufficient storage space, you will not be able to receive new emails and we may not be able to contact you via email.  
  • This is common for GMAIL users and some private email services. Free Gmail accounts combined Photos, Documents, and Gmail storage into one total amount as of November 2020 which has used up many users' total storage.
  • We recommend emptying your Trash and Spam and deleting any emails you do not need.
  • Once you have made some additional space please email/contact us again if you have not received a reply, so we can respond further; we normally respond within 1-2 business days.
SPAM FILTERING:  Email systems use multiple levels of spam filtering. Please try each of the following steps, in order:
  1. Search all folders (especially Spam/Junk folders) for an email from
  2. If it is not found anywhere in your email history and folders:
    a) send an email (blank or with the word "Hello" in the body of the email) to so your email system can recognize our email address as OK,
    b) request the email again (enter the appropriate information or select the appropriate button at the following links: Password Recovery, Confirm Account Email, or Receipt/Confirmation Email)

What to expect:

Over the course of account creation and application, our system sends the following emails:
  • "Confirm Account" email is sent when you create your account, and you will be able to complete the form but will not be able to submit an application until your account is confirmed, so we can verify your email address before your information is sent on to the college/university for review.
    • If you are receiving an "invalid link" message when clicking on the Confirm Account link, request the Confirm Account email again in the Account Overview page (or in the pop-up message upon login).
      OR, this may indicate either that your application is already confirmed (if so, refresh the page; a yellow/orange bar is presented at the bottom of the Review & Submit page if your application is not submitted, this banner includes directions to resolve this);
      OR, some email software can sometimes treat the URLs incorrectly -- please copy the link (usually right-click > Copy Link) from the "Confirm Your Account" button and paste this into a different web browser.  You will be presented with a message confirming success when this is done.
  • "Welcome to EducationPlannerBC" email is sent after you confirm your account.  This includes some general information on the application process.
  • "Change Password" message sent to your account email when requested through the "Forgot Your Password?" tool on the front page (
  • "Your Receipt and Application Confirmation" email is sent when your application has been submitted successfully to the school for their review and enrolment details. As this email states, please note that any updates on the status of your application/enrolment must be requested from the school to which you applied.
The EducationPlannerBC Support team is available during business hours (Pacific time), Monday to Friday, excepting statutory holidays. We reply within 1-2 business days (usually less), in the order messages are received. If you have further questions on this matter which are not addressed here, please email us from the email associated with your account to; or, complete the Contact Us form (

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