Emails from EducationPlannerBC

 If you are not receiving expected emails from EducationPlannerBC:
  • verify that your account email is correct
  • search all folders (especially Spam/Junk folders) for an email from
  • send an email (blank or with the word "Hello" in the body of the email) to so your email system can recognize our email address as OK, then request the password or account email again
If you did not receive the emails, you may have typed your email incorrectly.
Our system will send the following emails:
  • "Welcome to EducationPlannerBC" email is sent when you create your account
  • "Confirm Account" email is sent when you create your account, and you will be able to complete the form but will not be able to submit an application until your account is confirmed, so we can verify your email address before your information is sent on to the college/university for review.
    • If you are receiving an "invalid link" message when clicking on the Confirm Account link, request the Confirm Account email again in the Account Overview page (or in the pop-up message upon login).
  • "Your Receipt and Application Confirmation" email is sent when your application has been submitted successfully to the school for their review and enrolment details. As this email states, please note that any updates on the status of your application/enrolment must be requested from the school to which you applied.

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