'Invalid email' error on account recovery request page

Some users are reporting an issue on the Account Recover/Forgot Your Password page:

In some cases, users are entering a valid email address (used previously on EducationPlannerBC) but receive an "invalid email" error message when entering the email address in the email field.

If you are experiencing this, please review and try the following steps:

  1. Ensure the email address you are entering is correct and matches previous emails sent to you from EducationPlannerBC.
  2. Refresh the page (possibly twice), or 'hard reload' (in Chrome or Firefox, select Ctrl+Shift+R on Windows (or Command+Shift+R on Mac).  This can help to clear your computer's memory from previous use of that page, and will renew the request.  After you have refreshed/reloaded the page, enter your email again and submit to reset your password.
If the error persists, please write to us through the Contact Us form at or email
Please write to us from the email associated with your EducationPlannerBC account, and include:
  • a screenshot of the error
  • what web browser you are using (Chrome, Firefox, Safari for Mac, or Edge are recommended; Internet Explorer is a discontinued product and will cause errors)
  • what type of device you are using
  • what other web browsers you tried, and whether you got the same result

With this information, it can help us to resolve the issue, and we can request the Change Password email be sent to you, or reset the password manually.



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