Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University is the second largest university in BC. Its main campus is on Burnaby Mountain in Burnaby.  Simon Fraser University also has two additional campuses - the Downtown Vancouver Campus and the Surrey Campus.  Each of these campuses offers easier access for individuals working or living in Vancouver's downtown core or across Metro Vancouver. SFU offers a wide range of studies in, for example: Arts, Sciences, Fine and Performing Arts, Kinesiology, Education, Business, Engineering and Computer Science. Its newest additions include Interactive Arts and Technology programs.

FACILITY/SERVICE HIGHLIGHTS: The Burnaby Campus houses student housing, a pool and two gyms, an art gallery and theatre and a student-operated radio station. The Harbour Centre and Surrey Campuses are directly on the Sky Train route. Services for students include: intramural sports and fitness programs; computer labs, a full range of health, personal and career counselling services; child care services; a (free) legal advice clinic; an ecumenical chaplaincy; a student employment centre; and a Student Society-operated pub and coffee house. 


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