British Columbia has one of the most flexible post-secondary systems in Canada, with a wide range of programs available to help you obtain the skills, knowledge and experience you’re looking for. Use our planning resources to find the options that fit your educational journey.

Getting Started

Find advice on planning your post-secondary education. What career do you want? What program should you take? Where should you take it?  Plan for Success

People of Post-Secondary

Lay of the Land


The Apply section walks you through each step of the post-secondary application process. It outlines what you need to apply and what you need to consider before and after you submit your application.


The Finance section will help you determine how much attending post-secondary will cost. It explains the types of expenses that you may have and how to apply for financial aid. The scholarships and bursaries information provides valuable information about options to fund your education.


The Study section provides you with advice and a wide range of resources to help you succeed. This section explains grades, study options that will enhance your workplace skills, and provides resources for all aspects of being a student (e.g., study skills, writing, team work, health & wellness).


The Work section is designed to help you transition from post-secondary to the workplace. It links you to resources that will assist you in your job search. It outlines how to make the best use of your campus career centre – even after you graduate. If you are an international student looking to work in Canada, there is also information to help you.