After You Apply

Post Application Next Steps

You've submitted your application, now what?

Tracking your application is the next step

Track Your Application

You should receive a confirmation email from the institution within 3-10 business days stating they have received and are processing your application. If you don't, then call the admissions office to follow-up. No, you are not bugging them, you are being responsible!

Your confirmation email will have a tracking number and/or a student number. Use this when you go to your institution's website to check the status of your application.

If you have questions about your application, contact the institution. They are there to help!

Institutions receive many applications, and it can be difficult for them to follow-up if something is missing. Be proactive and check your application status regularly.

Once you have Been Accepted

Once you have been accepted, institutions will send you an official offer of admission. Official offers can come as formal letters, or as attachments in an email. Check your email on a regular basis.

Celebrate that you got accepted! The next step is to formally accept the institution’s offer. Your acceptance letter will outline your deadline to accept and what action you need to take.

If you applied to several institutions, take a bit of time to see if you receive additional offers. Make the best choice to fit your learning style and career goals. Think through each of your options. Compare costs, program fit, travel time, professional network opportunities, and faculty that you may get to work with etc.

Your education is a big investment. Make an informed decision.

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