Student Financial Assistance

Need help paying for your education?

What is Student Financial Assistance?

Student financial assistance includes different types of financial support that you can access to help with the costs of pursuing post-secondary education. Find out what's available through your high school counsellor, your community, your post-secondary institution and StudentAid BC.

StudentAid BC

StudentAid BC is a government program that helps British Columbia students with the cost of post-secondary education. The program connects students to both federal and provincial student financial assistance, and eligibility is based on financial need. StudentAid BC funding is calculated by comparing your educational costs and your financial resources. The amount of funding you may be eligible for depends on your financial situation.

StudentAid BC is transitioning to a single and secure way to log in to the StudentAid BC Dashboard using the BC Services Card app. Learn how to use your BC Services Card to log in or visit the StudentAid BC login page for more information.

You can apply for the following types of student financial assistance through StudentAid BC:

  1. STUDENT GRANTS are awarded based on the student’s financial need to help cover educational expenses like tuition fees, textbooks, and living costs. Grants provided by StudentAid BC do not need to be repaid. Financial aid advisors at each institution can help students apply for grants. Find out more information about BC and Canada student grants on StudentAid BC.
  2. STUDENT LOANS are repayable financial assistance. Government-provided student loans are based on financial need and are interest-free while you are enrolled in full-time study (no interest rate is charged for BC government-issued student loans). One application to StudentAid BC covers application to both the BC and Canada student loan programs.
  3. Other STUDENT financial ASSISTANCE programs include specific supports for low- and middle-income students, former youth in care, students who have a permanent disability, or a persistent or prolonged disability, and borrowers who need help with repayment. For more information, visit StudentAid BC.

Other Types of Student Financial Assistance

  1. Scholarshipsare awarded to students for outstanding scholastic achievement, community & leadership involvement and/or sports accomplishments. See Scholarships and Bursaries for more info.
  2. Bursary funds are used to support students who need financial assistance and have satisfactory academic achievement. Students should contact their post-secondary institution to see what bursaries might be available. See Scholarships and Bursaries.
  3. Awards recognize a significant contribution in various area(s) of expertise. They acknowledge the contributions that are made by students and may have a monetary value.
  4. Loans from Family or Employers are often interest-free but require the principal to be repaid. Some students arrange interest-free loans from their parents. There are employers that will provide interest-free loans to their employees if they are attending post-secondary. The Canadian Forces provides interest-free loans to their members.
  5. Moderate Interest or Line of Credit Loans are bank loans that provide students with moderate interest level loans or a line of credit for education funding.
  6. Work Study is a program offered on campus by most institutions. It provides part-time paid work on campus that fits around the student's schedule.
Ask your post-secondary institution's Financial Aid Advisors for help!