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SkilledTradesBC (formerly called Industry Training Authority/ITA) provides the Apprentice Job Match program to help you decide what trade will work best for you.

SkilledTradesBC also offers programs for Aboriginal people, women, and youth to explore various trade options.

Apprenticeships require an industry or employer sponsor and take 4 years to complete. Apprenticeships can begin in different ways:

1. You're a high school student who knows what trades career you want.

Jumpstart your career with apprenticeship training while you complete high school. Several trade programs are open to high school students, and often they can provide additional financial support for your first year of training. Ask your school's counsellor or career advisor to help you organize an apprenticeship.

2. You're interested but don’t have the skills a potential employer/sponsor is looking for.

In BC, there are Trades Foundation programs which introduce you to specific trades and provide you with skills that sponsors are looking for. Lack of entry-level skills can't stop you. Completing the Foundation program typically gives you Level One of Apprenticeship training. Some programs will help you find a sponsor. Search EducationPlannerBC programs, type the keyword "Foundation" into the search finder as well as apply the 'Trades Training' filter option under 'Program Credentials' to find the Trades Foundation programs that will help you launch your career.

3. You have an employer sponsor and want to formalize your apprenticeship training.

Once you have an employer sponsor for your apprenticeship, you and the employer need to register with SkilledTradesBC

Check out SkilledTradeBC’s Apprenticeship Basics.

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