Parents can help

You play a key role in supporting your adult children reach their educational goals.

Career advice, financial support, emotional support, guidance on navigating adulthood - all contribute to your child's success. Find that balance between support and independence.

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Additional Resources

Many institutions offer parent orientation sessions designed to help you support your child with post-secondary planning, the application process, and ongoing success - check one out!

Parents Can Help  

  1. Do brainstorm ideas and questions about program options.
  2. Don't do the research required to learn about program options.
  3. Do offer encouragement through the application process
  4. Don't complete the application for them.
  5. Do discuss plans for financing their education.
  6. Don't prepare their budget or application for funding.
  7. Do brainstorm questions in advance of an advising appointment.
  8. Don't attend the advising appointment.
  9. Do discuss course registration and selection.
  10. Don't register for them.
  11. Do offer advice about how to approach an instructor or professor concerning a specific issue.
  12. Don't contact the instructor or professor directly.
  13. Do offer encouragement about their course work.
  14. Don't call them several times a day reminding them to do their course work.
  15. Do offer encouragement or feedback on their essays.
  16. Don't write parts of their entire essay.
  17. Do discuss their progress.
  18. Don't go online or go to campus to try to get their grades for them.

See Transitioning from High School for more help.

Encouragement is
the best support