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Get inspired and take a quiz to see how your interests and passions can align with a career.

Every journey looks a little different.

If you’re not sure what you want to do quite yet, or want to learn more about your career interest, here’s a great place to find inspiration. Explore different career profiles or take a quiz to help you discover your abilities, interests, and values. Learn about different career paths and find which one is right for you.


Career profiles

With over 500 career profiles to explore, learn about the training, education, and salary you can expect. You can also discover in-demand jobs, job application tips, trades training, and even explore current job postings.


Career discovery quizzes

Discover how your abilities, work preferences and interests can help you find what careers might be the best fit for you. Take a personality quiz to better understand how you think, how you learn, and what matters most to you in a job.


Success stories

Read stories or watch videos of British Columbians who have found success in a range of roles and industries. Their stories can inspire you and give you new ideas of the opportunities that are out there.


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